"Advertuers of Mr. Quigley Photography"

"Advertuers of Mr. Quigley Photography"
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Friday, March 26, 2010

2010 Arizona Wildflower Hot Spots

A few years ago I posted a wildflower link on our site and was surprised at the email and response we got! So here goes another for 2010.
So have you been looking for areas to photograph wildflowers and found them scarce? With all the rain we have had in AZ this year and cooler temps...one can find wildflowers. Since we specialize in the Bradshaw Mountain Range I pretty much stick to these areas... but recently made a quick trip to the Bartlett Lake area to look for poppies. They have been very scarce in the lower Bradshaw’s this year. I found a few blooms east of Humbug Creek near Tule ghost ranch. Now is the time to be out and one can follow the blooms up the Bradshaw Range as the weather warms. Just above Black Canyon City is where the "happening" ends right now.

Old New River Road area.

Places to look for wildflowers

  • Look west of I17 on the Carefree Hwy. for tons of blue dicks. The scorpion tail is thick in here also. 

  • Go to Bartlett Lake for poppies as well as the Superior area.

  • New River road off west of I 17 has lupine.

  • Between Wickenburg and Phx is also a good place for brittle bush as well as west Carefree Hwy.

Watch for rattlesnakes and have fun!

Chia near Bartlett Lake. Can also be found along the
2009 gas line areas near Black Canyon City.

Blue dicks and scorpion tail near Lake Pleasant Carefree Hwy.

Create your own unique Composition. Near Lake Pleasant Outdoor Center.

Poppies and Chia naer Bartlett Lake.

Near the town Carefree AZ.

Near Lake Pleasant.