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"Advertuers of Mr. Quigley Photography"
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Bushhawk Sholder Stock

Before BushHawk came out (about 20 years ago) I had devised a wooden rifle shoulder stock to house my film cameras. It worked good for my wildlife work and gave me a steady platform to use telephoto lens. I could never get the trigger system (shutter release) right though. Well when I found out about the BrushHawk  shoulder stock I ordered one!

Through the years folks have asked about the BushHawk device that we use here at Mr. Quigley Photography and how we liked it.


 I love it for certain kinds of photography work! You may ask what kind of work?

I use my BrushHawk shoulder stock for
creating images like these.

• Long lens wildlife shots ... adds stability when you don’t have time to set up a tripod. Sometimes when I’m patrolling I have this set up on the seat next to me to catch a poacher or sudden wildlife.

• The new generation of DSLR's that shoot movies I find again adds stability for the movie.

• Some panning shots using telephoto lens. We have used the stock setup for our old west posse pics where robbers are being chased by the posse.

• Bird photography.

Early morning light images with the aid of a BrushHawk stock.

Here are a few things I like about this camera support.
  •  A steady platform with a excellent two stage trigger system that works!
  •  Something that may sound strange is ... I like the way I can carry a camera easily in the field.
  •  Since I am a rifle shooter it is easy for me to use the shooting disciplines in long range shooting along with this camera stock. I shoulder...take a deep breath...focus... steady the stock and squeeze off a photograph. It is very successful for me and I retain a high percentage of distant images.
  •  BrushHawk makes long distance photography easy and enjoyable.
The 2 stage trigger.

Connection from camera to stock.

I set mine up with a rifle sling or you can use the sling that comes with it so I can throw it over my shoulder quickly when I go for a quick hike for ease of carry.

I recommend you get the shoulder pad. The release cable is sold separately and by the way different cables for different cameras.

Dave the company’s owner has been a joy to work with through the years and repaired my original stock for a reasonable cost and has fast turnaround times for pros.

The Brushhawlk shoulder stock aids in steadying
images in action photography.

The BushHawk stock is perfect for bird photography.

At times I will keep my camera attached to the "Hawk"
when I’m out on patrol. Sometimes there is not
enough time to set up a tripod to snap a quick
shot like this one.

So where do you get such a cool shoulder stock?

 Visit this website and tell them I sent you over.

 Well worth the money! We own a couple now.


Shoot well and stay safe....Mark