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"Advertuers of Mr. Quigley Photography"
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Influencing People and Photography

 Canon 40 D 100 - 400 IS Canon lens, 1.4 dupp, TN

Have you had people in your life that were influential in shaping your life? Yes we all have.
Here at Mr. Quigley Photography we are often asked the question ...who influenced your photography style? Id like to share a bit about that in this post.

Canon D30,  28 - 105 Canon lens
                                                                      Northern, AZ
Early on it was my mom and dad. They introduced me to the great outdoors and the magic and intricacies of it all. My mom and dad were  photographers and always snapping photos so they naturally influenced and created a desire for me to be a photographer. In my teens I began picking up a camera and began creating images with 110 film. Soon I moved on to 35mm and next 6x7 cm and as soon as digital hit I embraced it with the Canon D30.
                                            Canon 40 D, Canon 70 - 200 IS lens, FL Keys
As I studied photography styles through the years some photographers and their styles really influenced me.

Early on it was a high school teacher named Ron Hildreth. Ron took the time for me as well as others and really cared for those young ones around him. He taught science and photography as well as other subjects. I'm just one of the many that he may not realize he deeply influenced. Ive stayed in contact with Ron and in fact he photographed our wedding.
I have always loved Rons photography. To me its practical, inspirational and spiritual. Ron taught me to use my camera as a means for visual and emotional communication. Ive tried to include those elements into my work.

Canon 40 D, Tamron 18 - 270 lens. TN

Being from Arizona David Muench was a photography style I admired and studied. I ran into David and his wife once while working my wildlife department job in the Kofa mountains. He was of course making powerful images of this unique mountain range.

D30, 200 to 400 Canon L lens.

For me there is no better western photographer that has influenced my western photography style... then David Stoecklein!

He is the best and I love the mood and colors he uses to create images of the modern west.

Canon 40 D 70 - 200 IS Canon lens, FL coast

One of the best wildlife photographers I know is Thomas Mangelsen. Tom is so good at captuering those perfect wildlife moments. If you ever pass through Jackson Hole, WY.... make sure you make it a point... to step into his beautiful gallery.


I have always loved Gary Irvings style. His images have such mood to them. My favorite book of his is Beneath the Open Sky. Its a collection of panoramic photographs in the heartland of America. Ive always tried to create mood and feeling with photographs.

Canon 7D. 70 - 200 IS Canon lens Gen 2, Central AZ

I just love Shinzo Maeda work. He really had an eye for capturing the natural world. His use of color, unique light and composition are some of the best combinations Ive ever seen. Of course Shinzo is no longer with us but his style influenced me. Would have liked to meet him and chat for a while. Of all his books I liked "A tree, a blade of grass... the best.

Canon 40D, 28 - 200 Canon lens, NC
And of course for me there is Ken Duncan. I love Kens view on life and his images just capture me and draw me in. He has always been so open about sharing his style and techniques. I always enjoy getting an encouraging email from Ken or his staff once in a while.

Canon 7D, Canon 10 - 22 lens, Western AZ
There are so many good photographers out there but I would have to say these influenced the personal photography style I use today and my life. Study other photographers but create your own unique style.
Canon 20D 70 200 IS lens, 4 Peaks AZ

Who are you influencing with your life in a positive way? If you are not you should be. Your kids, coworkers, friends to name a few.
Dare to be a Ron Hildreth and use your life to influence others around you.

Photograph and shoot well. Mark