"Advertuers of Mr. Quigley Photography"

"Advertuers of Mr. Quigley Photography"
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where Are the AZ Wildflowers this Week?

We have received some question and requests to write about more wildflower hotspots. As I told you in an earlier blog post … follow the wildflower bloom up Interstate 17. Last week I was near the Castle Creek Wilderness border and took a short hike up Castle Creek. This is the Castle Creek on the east side of the Bradshaw Mountain Range.

The sides along this high desert creek were aglow. This is a place seldom visited except by serious hikers and hunters. A 4x4 road follows the creek up to what I call the Castle Creek Waterfall. About a mile before reaching the waterfall the wildflowers appear thick.

Watch for rattle snakes. Came across one! Diamond backs and Arizona Black rattlers live here.
Enjoy! Shoot well and stay safe! Mark